Posted 09.27.2009

Getting Social Media to Work for You (Part 11: Facebook)

I’ll be honest. I hate Facebook.

  1. As a web developer, I would like to think that I can easily find my way around Facebook. Instead, I feel absolutely retarded.
  2. It’s (yet) another inbox that I have to manage.
  3. Facebook’s privacy policy and Terms of Use drives me crazy!—In one of their recent policy updates, anything that you upload to Facebook automatically becomes their property. Excuse me?!
  4. Security Issues

I’m not the only one…

But, the thing about Social Networking is that in order to build a network, you have to be where your friends are—and most (if not all) of my friends have a Facebook account. Unfortunately, that’s the only way that I know to get in touch with some people.—I know that’s what Zuckerberg is counting on. Blah!

On to more important things…

This series is supposed to be about how I use Social Media. Complaining about it, isn’t helpful. grin

I use Facebook from a completely personal level. As I said before, that’s the only way that I know to get in touch with some people. I am only friends with people on Facebook that I’m friends with in real life.

Where I struggle with Facebook
I am (still) not addicted to Facebook.—which makes it difficult when that’s the only way some people communicate. It’s gotten me in trouble before when I’ve missed event invitations, or, when people rely on Facebook to communicate important pieces of information.

I’m not the only one experiencing frustrations. Within the past couple of years, TechCrunch has reported a decline. Honestly, I don’t know how much of that to take seriously. But, at the very least, it appears to be news worthy.

This concludes Part 10 of 11 completed parts of my 11 part series on how I use a variety of web services:

  • Drew Huddleston

    I actually didn’t realize you hated Facebook, Amy.

    This sheds a new light on your love of Twitter as I am the exact opposite – I hate Twitter and seem to love Facebook.

    Go figure.

  • Amy

    Drew //  I LOVE getting comments from you on my blog!

  • Drew Huddleston

    HA! I am glad. So much better than the alternative.  smile

    By the way, I think you will like this. Check out this WordPress powered site I just launched –

    I used WordPress as the entire CMS. MailChimp as the mailing list engine, wufoo as the contact form and it is all nicely integrated in the WP backend.

  • Amy

    Drew // This is probably not the best place to continue this conversation grin BUT…. 

    I like the site! Nice and clean.

    How did you like using WordPress? I’m getting ready to build out a site using that as the CMS. I’ve been collecting tutorials, resources, and plugins for quite a while now. However, it feels like there is so much out there, but very little is actually quality or well explained. Any knowledge + experience that you are willing to share would be much appreciated.

  • Drew Huddleston

    I actually really enjoyed working with WP as a CMS. The best part is really the backend user interface. It is so simple and straight forward that non-web pros can use it effectively and easily.

    The big turning point for me was learning how to not only manipulate the loop but how to use multiple loops on the same page / template. And not being afraid to make multiple templates.

    The WP Codex on is REALLY useful of course. Just amazing documentation. The level of configuration is amazing. Lots of customization options for the built-in functions – paginations, navigation, etc.

    I have also been meaning to create a little wiki of my favorite plugins and once I get it up I will send you the info.

    I also really got excited when I found how to create a wufoo form, have entries feed into a MailChimp account and then use MailChimp’s plugin “Analytics360” to display Google analytics & MailChimp info inside the WP dashboard.

    While I am thinking about it – I didn’t use it for ASA, but the WP plugin “Flutter” seems really promising as well.