Posted 11.02.2012

Proceed and Be Bold Chalk Art

Last week, we finished redesigning our offices at work. The main wall in the elevator lobby, we painted with chalkboard paint. Heavily inspired by Dana Tanamachi’s chalk work, I drew out a design centered around the phrase “Proceed and Be Bold.” — This phrase is actually posted around Facebook’s offices. We wanted to encourage the same type of bold mentality on our floor.

First, I drew it out on tracing paper, layering up. This allowed me to go back and redo a section if I didn’t like it without messing up an area I had already finalized.

Proceed and Be Bold on Tracing Paper

Proceed and Be Bold on Tracing Paper

Then, I scanned each section into the computer and assembled the artwork in Photoshop.

Lastly, we cheated a little bit. We used a projector to get the art on the wall and then went to town tracing.

I was really pleased with the end result.

Proceed and Be Bold Chalk Art

Proceed and Be Bold Chalk Art

Proceed and Be Bold

  • Rudi

    I love this so much!! As a designer-in-training, I really appreciate you sharing your process as well. Keep on keeping on!
    Also- I’m in LOVE with your site design. Really truly.

  • Amy

    @Rudi // Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed clicking through your site. I especially enjoyed your photography, keep up the good work.

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