Posted 02.23.2015

Posted 02.23.2015

Caught in the Wild – My Home Workspace

I’m always fascinated by other people’s workspaces. I’m not the only one. Plenty of posts and entire sites, even, have been devoted to this subject. You don’t have to look far on Tumblr, Pinterest, or Dribbble either.

I thought I’d share my own.

My Workspace

On the Wall

Soft Tiles

Behind my computer, I have a bulletin board for inspiration and mood boards. It’s made out of Soft Tiles, you know, the mats you put on the floor for kids to play on. We just hung it up on the wall with nails. Perfect.

Rode Podcaster

Rode Podcaster

On the far left, I have a Rode Podcaster
on a Swivel Mount in the corner of my desk. One of my goals for 2015 is to start a podcast with my friend Darrel Girardier. It’s coming.


Epson V100 Perfection Scanner

Also on the far left (you can see the edge of it), I have a Epson Perfection V100 Photo Scanner. It’s not the latest and greater scanner out there, but it’s more than perfect for what I use it for: scanning in textures, photos, and hand drawn illustrations — things that need to be scanned at a higher resolution.

For on the go, scanning, I’ve been really pleased with Evernote’s new app, Scannable.

For scanning receipts and documents quickly, I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner.


iPad Mini

I have an iPad Mini. I was an early adopted and started out with a 3G iPad 1. Eventually, it started having issues where apps would randomly crash. I upgraded to a wireless iPad mini for Christmas. I love the smaller size. I use it for reading (and testing websites), so the smaller size makes complete sense.

It’s sitting on a Twelve South HiRise.

I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
for testing websites. Even though I didn’t pay a ton of money for it, I know I don’t use enough to justify the purchase.


Acer Monitor

I have two 21″ Acer Monitors
21” acer monitors that I bought at a really good price at a Black Friday sale. They’re mounted on Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand, which is so much better than the stack of books I had them on before.

They’re connected to my laptop via a TripleHead2Go. (I wrote a post about the configuration.) I can keep the laptop open, and run in a T configuration, but lately, I’ve enjoyed keeping my laptop in clamshell mode. For whatever reason, I feel more productive instead of trying to manage more space.


Harman/Kardon SoundSticks III Wireless Speaker System

I just have a cheap pair of $35 speakers from Target. They seem to do the job just fine. Although, I’m not going to lie, I do have my eye on these (Harman/Kardon SoundSticks III Wireless Speaker System).

Wacom Tablet

Wacom Intuous 5 Tablet

I have a Intous 5 Touch Wacom Tablet. It’s fantastic when I do any heavy masking in Photoshop or Illustration work.

MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro

I have a 15” MacBook Pro (Retina), 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB of Memory, with a 1TB Solid State drive. It’s been a great machine. It’s the 3rd Mac Laptop I’ve owned in the last 11 years. I ran its predecessor into the ground.

Even though I know I need the real estate and power for print projects…and I can’t imagine trying to run Chrome Inspector tools on a smaller screen, I still eye the Air. I can’t get over how small and light it is!

I have a wireless keyboard and trackpad. I try to get away with as few wires as possible. The track pad and I have a love hate relationship, so I’ll still pull out my Magic Mouse (It’s not the track pad’s fault, it’s all me. I’m just old school like that.)


ikea vika fagerlid

My desk is an Ikea desk top (hollow) with Vika Fagerlid legs (apparently, they don’t sell them anymore).



Lastly, you’ll see my moleskine. I do all design work, there, first. – ideas, wire frames, illustrations, everything. — And I’m kind of a pen snob, too. Pilot G2 0.7.

In the Comments

What are some of your favorite pieces of your workspace?

  • Mandi

    Thanks for sharing! We’re in the midst of a major home remodel (adding on a full second floor with 3 bedrooms and another bathroom — eek!) but when it’s all said and done I’m SO looking forward to setting up my home office in our old bedroom downstairs. The dual-monitor mount definitely just went on my wishlist! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your podcast plans as well!

  • Amy (Haywood) Dutton

    Thanks for commenting!! — That’s so exciting about your home remodel! It sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure you will love it once it’s finished!

    The dual monitors are really nice. — probably one of my favorite things about my set up.

    I appreciate the encouragement about the podcast, it’s been a little bit slower starting up than I would have liked, but I think it’s going to be good. We recorded an interview this week that went really well. So, I’m looking forward to sharing.

  • designwebuk

    Hi Amy, great workspace and I love your website. Just been reading your ACF article, very cool :) Keep up the good work.

  • Amy (Haywood) Dutton


  • Jay McLain

    So I’m a bit late responding to this post, but I found your ACF post helpful and then stumbled into your this one. I’ll have to try that monitor stand. By the way, Logitech makes a solar rechargeable keyboard that can be paired with 3 devices and switched with a keystroke. It’s a little larger than the Apple keyboard, but it works great.

  • Amy (Haywood) Dutton

    I’ll have to check out that keyboard! I just bought an Apple Magic Keyboard ( — which isn’t that magical, other than the fact that it’s USB rechargeable. (+1 to Logitech, though for solar!)