Posted 03.10.2012

Typography Wall Art: An Interior Design Piece

Update May 27, 2016

I’ve revised this piece into something that I can sell! If you’re interested in purchasing, there’s a white version and a black version available.

Typography Wall Art on Gumroad

Recently, Lydia and I had the opportunity to do some interior design work for our new Vice President at LifeWay.

This office, not part of the executive suite, is meant to make him more accessible, providing a comfortable atmosphere for all day meetings. (I know, I just put “comfortable” and “all day meetings” in the same sentence.)

When Lydia and I were doing visual research, I stumbled upon this image.

I knew I wanted to do something similar in this space. I started trying to come up with phrases, I wanted to use biblical phrases (this is after all a Christian company), but not cliche. I also knew that some of our compapny’s most important decisions would (potentially) be made in this room. Therefore, I wanted “Be Strong and Courageous” to be the most prominent element.

Wall Art

Originally, I took the art to Kinkos to be printed on their 3′ wide draft paper. However, my piece had too much black and the printer started streaking. Unacceptable. I tried inverting the artwork, which definitely had an Esquire feel.

It works but, it wasn’t best.

In the end, we printed the banners in house on a thicker paper. The end result was much more along the lines of what we were looking for.

The total piece is 20′ x 7.5′

Wall Art

Wall Art

Wall Art

  • Steve Grove

    Wow. This wall is terrific. Nice job.

    Ever thought about making anything like this for sale? Great truths, great typography.

  • Amy

    @Steve // I actually did a custom wall for another blog reader since posting this. But, that’s a great idea! Thanks (for the idea and commenting)

  • Jason Wick

    This is awesome! I’d definitely be interested in purchasing if it ever came up for sale!

  • Amy

    @Jason // Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind!

  • http://[email protected] Alex Benda

    Hi, I am the Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper and I want to do this same thing for our walls. What suggestions do you have for adhering the paper to the walls?

  • Amy

    @Alex Thanks for commenting!

    Yes, when we attached them, we used black thumb tacks. it worked out well because trying to get everything aligned correctly was a bear! At least, with the thumb tacks, we could take them out and readjust as needed.

    I’ve also seen people print on vinyl, contact paper type solution. Then, they just printed it extra long and cut it off at the top and bottom when they were finished. Wrinkles and alignment are still a huge hassle.

  • Tanyika White

    May I use this image for Church Cafe wall?

  • Amy

    @Tanyika That’s so flattering. Thanks for asking. However, I did that piece for LifeWay, so they own all rights to it.

    If your budget allows for it, I could do something similar piece on commission for you.

  • Tanyika

    What will be the cost

  • Amy

    @Tanyika // Would you mind sending me an email ( with more information. Would you be providing the copy or is that something I would need to come up with? What would the dimensions be?

  • BettyKimberly

    Great typography! Ever thought about this idea!! I want to purchase it for my house when it comes up into market.
    typography wall art

  • Caroline

    I love your work. Very cool and moving. We are looking for this type of inspirational thing for our real estate business. If you do this for businesses, I would love to speak with you. Thank you.

  • Amy

    @Caroline // Thanks for the kind words. I’ve done a few pieces, similar to to this, on commission and would love to discuss options with you.

  • Mallory Thompson

    I’m from Pine Forest Baptist Church and we are remodeling our youth room and we really love this wall. I wondering if there is anyway we could get this wall from our room. Thank you!

  • Casey Langenbach

    Love this wall! Featured it in an article I wrote about fresh walls for the new year. Nice Work!

  • Lane Kinnear

    We started working with homeowners on tweaking their interior decorating before we list the property and it’s made a huge difference in sale price. Our real estate agents have been looking to learn more about Typography Wall art so this is ideal. Do you have any advice on how to incorporate this design for those just learning about interiors?

  • NicheCanvas

    I love your quotes “Strong and Courageous” and these quotes inspired me. You match the wall art similar to my space. I like your wall art. Thanks!