Posted 01.08.2013

Your Audience Isn’t Permanent

One of the things I’ve learned lately is that your audience isn’t permanent.

If anything, blogging will teach you this. You have to keep feeding “the beast.” You have to keep creating quality content for people to keep coming back.

Music will teach you this. A band will produce an awesome first album. After a while, their second and third album sound just like the first. It all sounds the same. They can’t keep their audience.

I think that’s what makes bands like U2 so great. They’ve evolved throughout the years, not only maintaining their current audience, but bringing in new followers. They’ve had to reinvent their sound numerous times in order to produce something great.

The greatest artists and creators of content, understand that their audience isn’t permanent. They aren’t entitled to anything. No assumptions are made. The time they have with their audience is a gift. Therefore, they make the most of it.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It keeps the creators of content accountable. It pushes people to make something new and better than before.

How have you seen this play out? Is audience loyalty / disloyalty good or bad?